How to stay in shape on holiday

Aug 29, 2018

Staying in shape on holiday!

Summer or winter holidays, business travel, long weekends away or any kind of trip that break our routine of sticking to a diet and doing exercise, might stop our progress and damage the results we have been training for. Staying in shape the whole year around requires a lot of commitment and self-discipline. Especially when we are on holidays, in a nice hotel far from home, with all-inclusive service!

How to plan holiday

When out of town, try planning ahead by choosing the right location. i.e. does the hotel have a gym or swimming pool? Are there any nature walks/hikes nearby or sporting activities such as tennis/football? Failing all that you can always do some exercises by yourself, that will help you stay in shape and make it easier to get back to the training regime when you return home.

Holiday workout

You don’t need fancy equipment to do a solid Full Body Workout. There are plenty of exercises you can do in your room, if you feel intimidated training outside or if you are lacking time. Below are a few I recommend, these will help you stay in shape during your holiday and don’t require any sophisticated equipment:

  1. Squats- if you have a buddy, let them push you down for more resistance. Advanced can do back squats with a partner
  2. Lunges
  3. Push-ups- if you have a partner let them hold your legs off the floor or push you down
  4. Glute Kickbacks
  5. Glute Bridge
  6. Dips
  7. Sit-ups
  8. Bottoms-up
  9. Burpees
  10. Sprints- if you are outside e.g. on a beach
  11. Jumping Jacks
  12. Pull-ups and Chin-ups if you find a pull-up bar or a solid branch.

Diet on holiday

Cooking on holidays is not the most enjoyable, but buying an all-inclusive package might not be the best idea either. From my own experience, people having unlimited food and beverages tend to overeat significantly. They justify it as, because “it is free” or “they paid for it”. However they do not realise that most damage is not caused by not exercising, but overeating! People usually overestimate the calories they burn during a workout and underestimate the calories they eat and that’s by far the main reason of a weight loss failure.

From my perspective I would advise you to buy a buffet breakfast option, so you can consume most of the daily protein intake in the first meal. It will keep you sated for the most of the day and you will not think about food, while touring or any activity you are about to do. For dinner however, try keep some spare calories so you can enjoy the local cuisine!

These simple guidelines help me staying in shape, during my holidays and the whole year around. Using the conditions for exercising that are available and making the most of it, altogether with self-discipline in regards to food, lets me enjoy any trip I take, while staying fit and satisfied. I hope it helps YOU too!

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