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Does crash diet work for weight loss?

What is crash diet? Let’s start the article with clarifying what a crash diet actually means. In simple words it’s a diet with very restricted, low calorie intake. Most people on a crash diet consume about 1000 calories and are very pleased with the initial effect....

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Do you need to drink a protein powder to build muscle?

Is protein powder necessary to build muscle? Protein powder supplements and the whole dietary industry create a huge amount of confusion for active people trying to lose/gain weight or those wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle. Today I will try to dispel these doubts,...

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Does meal frequency affect metabolism and weight loss process?

Meal frequency, metabolism and weight loss! Do you have to eat 5 meals per day to help speed up your metabolism and weight loss process? Or is it just another myth, which has been repeated for decades without scientific proof? In this article I’d like to explain, the...

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Protein intake for the best results

Protein intake Protein intake should be adjusted to individual goals and needs. Whether you want to lose fat and keep muscle mass or build muscle over a specific period of time, how much protein you consume is important. How much protein should you eat for weight...

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The best protein sources

Protein! Protein is an essential nutrient, it helps build tissue, cells, bones, muscle, skin and hormones. A high protein diet helps lower blood pressure, fight diabetes, lose weight and belly fat, while increasing our strength and muscle mass. Studies also suggest,...

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