Are meal replacement shakes good for weight loss?

Sep 9, 2020

Replacement shakes!

Meal replacement shakes are very popular in the society of fitness. Is there anything magical in the process that helps one lose weight faster than by eating normal food?

Replacement shakes vs normal food?

Replacement shakes are definitely easier to prepare and contain plenty of nutrition. However, normal food can also have these benefits. How long does it take to prepare a salad with eggs/chicken or a bowl of oats with fruits? A few minutes? If we use your favourite ingredients, the meal will taste delicious, be full of nutrition and you’ll save a considerable amount of money!

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Why are meal replacement shakes so popular?

Many commercials try to sell customers ‘the dream’ of achieving great results from taking meal replacement shakes. People with amazing aesthetic bodies tell the stories of how they have changed their body composition by losing fat and building kilograms of lean muscle mass. However, the goals are only reached by hard work at the gym, playing sports or taking part in other activities topped up by an individual diet plan. Meal replacement shakes can be a tool to help this process, but you do not need it. A balanced diet with the right amount of macronutrients works just as well! Don’t be afraid of eating normal food as it has the same benefits as drinking a meal replacement shake. Your body will not notice any difference.

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