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Fats in everyday diet

Fats… what are good fats? Is there such a thing? A topic that can and has caused so much confusion in the world of 'eating healthy'…let's see if I can help clarify some of those uncertainties. Omega 3 fatty acids – these are polyunsaturated fats, which are not eaten...

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How to survive Christmas without gaining fat?

Christmas without gaining fat Hmmmm…so…is it even possible? Isn't Christmas about making food, eating it and having fun? For me, Christmas is the time to meet family and friends, clean places at home that require extra attention and watching all the must see movies...

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Are healthy snacks good for you?

Pros and cons of snacks? Healthy snacks are definitely a good way of boosting our energy levels when we feel tired. It’s an easy way to suppress hunger, if we do not have time to eat a proper meal. Nevertheless people are misguided by mass media and commercials, that...

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How to stay in shape on holiday

Staying in shape on holiday Summer or winter holidays, business travel, long weekends away or any kind of trip that break our routine of sticking to a diet and doing exercise, might stop our progress and damage the results we have been training for. Staying in shape...

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The best way to build big arms

Is doing plenty of exercises for arms really the best way to build them? Of course we should begin with saying, that good genetics play an important part and each individual is different; i.e. some develop specific muscles much faster than others, because of specific...

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